About Us

Friends of Maryland Basketball (FOMB) is the official support group of Maryland Men’s Basketball.

Funds raised through FOMB supplement the allocated budget to promote the programs success. In addition to raising funds, FOMB is dedicated to fostering a culture of sustained support for Maryland Men’s Basketball and inspiring Maryland Pride.


Beginning this year Fastbreakers and F.O.M.B. are being combined under the F.O.M.B. name to create one cohesive supporter group.

F.O.M.B. will now have 3 membership levels


– $125 Annual Gift ($85 FMV) *Must be a Maryland Men’s Basketball Alumnus*
  • Invitations to 2 breakfasts and 1 open practice/dinner during the season
  • Exclusive Under Armour FOMB Gift


– $250 Annual Gift ($85 FMV)
  • Option to attend any 2 of the 4 events held during the season. Members at the Red level may select 2 out of the events on 11/3, 12/29, 1/12, and 2/14.
  • Exclusive Under Armour FOMB Gift


– $1,000 Annual Gift ($85 FMV)
  • Traditional FOMB membership
  • Invitations to all FOMB events throughout the season
  • Invitation to the end of season dinner at Congressional Country Club in the spring
  • Exclusive Under Armour FOMB Gift

I hope that you will consider Renewing your F.O.M.B. membership for the 2022-23 season.

We have an exciting year of events planned for our members.

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